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The origin of the natural and superior Morocco argan oil…

The sparkling and pure Morocco argan oil comes from argan trees in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa in Morocco, rare and precious oasis zones under dessert condition which has been designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The local farmers collect the fruit of Morocco argan trees in a traditional way and extract the Morocco argan oil by hand using the cold pressing method to preserve the beneficial nutrition of Morocco argan oil.

About every single drop of organic Morocco argan oil…

Every single drop of organic Morocco argan oil has a story behind it. The manufacturing process involves many people’s labor, time and endeavor. Up to date, this mysterious argan oil is still a beauty secret of Morocco women. Its ability to revive and smooth the hair of the worst condition gains the fame. This ancient beauty secret passes from generation to generation.

The condition Morocco argan trees grow in…

Between the hot Sahara Dessert and the fertile land of North Africa, only the indigenous Berber women know how to make argan oil. They collect the fruit by hand after the fruit fall on the ground, then let the fruit soak in the sun for the kernels and shells to separate more easily. Argan oil comes from kernels. In order not to destroy the precious nutrition, instead of chemical extraction, Berber women insist on extraction by hand. They grind the kernels to paste by stones after carefully selecting the kernels. Then bottle the oil by hand. Four kilograms of kernels make only one liter of argan oil. Despite the arduous work, Berber women are proud of this achievement and happy to share their stories. We hold these dedicated women in high regard.

Now Cachevior Essential Oil Line Products adopt this ancient mysterious ingredient,

a Morocco beauty secret as well — organic Morocco argan oil.

The rare and precious Morocco Argania Spinosa Oil is rich and high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and other various vitamins, thus is a choice cosmetic product for hair protection. It has an active leading power to instantly repair, rebuild, enhance, moisturize, hold color and protect hair that is seriously damaged by thermal effect, hair permanent, hair bleaching as well as dry and brittle hair. This will help you regain confidence, invigorate your precious hair and let it shine again with a charming and elegant splendor.